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Sellotaping Rain To My Cheek by Dan Cockrill & Tony Husband

by Dan Cockrill and Tony Husband


This collaboration between poet Dan Cockrill and cartoonist Tony Husband showcases two creative talents working in symbiosis. Created together in close collaboration the combination of the two elements in each poem/cartoon transcend either medium to achieve something greater. The light comedy and pathos of Dan Cockrill (surely the Roger McGough of his generation?) blends perfectly with newspaper cartoonist Tony Husband’s drawings to make this delightful book something we can all relate to as they explore light and dark of the crazy world we live in.
Oh and it has a foreword by Phil Jupitus.

“Badly Drawn Boy introduced me to Tony, who I introduced to Dan, who has been my mate since ’94. They became friends and made this book, and that is how shit gets done. Who introduced me to BDB? I introduced myself. Enjoy.” Paddy Considine.

“Many cartoonists make me smile. Tony Husband makes me laugh out loud… A flawless gem of a book.” Jonathan Pugh.